Our focus is providing fast, reliable support for your computers and networks.
Support contracts are available.

Products & Services

Properly used, a computer can help you to become more organized, work more efficiently, and accomplish many tasks. You’ll need a variety of information in order to accurately assess the technology requirements for your home, business, school, or organization.
Krista Computers can help you …
  • assess your computing needs
  • select the best devices to meet those needs
  • design and install a network to connect your users and devices
  • provide ongoing maintenance and support as your needs evolve

Mobile Computing
Our selection of mobile computers is always changing. We carry laptops and tablets from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. We have or can get the right model for you. Call and let us know what your needs are, we can help you make the right choice.

Workstations & Kiosks
Come see our excellent selection of custom built towers. From economy builds to blazing fast performance builds.

Ask us what we can do to streamline your everyday business practices with these and other industry proven products.

Proactive Services
Asset Management, Data Protection, and Security Monitoring (including antivirus, Windows® and third party software patching,) are the key points in preventing computer malfunction and security incidents. These can all be scheduled and handled automatically with proactive services.

Networks & Cabling
Your one-stop for all of your networking needs. Wired and/or wireless high-speed networks are our specialty. Standard setups or complex networks, either way we have the answer for your networking problems.

Data Security, Backups, and “Crypto-Locker” Protection
We can help protect you against data loss. Whether you’re facing an accidental deletion, a hardware failure, or an outright attack by someone malicious, we have solutions that can get you and your business back up and running quickly. We can even protect you from “crypto-locker” attacks with a Hardened Backup Repository.

Video Security
We offer a wide range of security solutions designed to keep your public or private space safe and secure.

Email and Website Support
Custom email addresses and websites may not appear to matter as long as your customers can reach you, but they are very important. It is not just a matter of IF your customers can reach you, but How Easily can they do it. We can help simplify these first steps and we can help you grow these resources when you need to.

We travel to customer sites throughout Wisconsin.

Our Team

The staff at Krista Computers are a group of skilled and motivated people, knowledgeable professionals, who care about meeting technical challenges. As a group we have many years of experience in computing, networking, and security camera systems. Our focus is providing fast, reliable support for your computers and networks. If you reach out to us and cannot connect with your usual contact, please call our main office (contact_phone 715-723-7021) one of the other skilled staff may be able to help you before your favorite tech is available.

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    About Krista Computers

    Krista Computers Inc. was started in the summer of 1992. The services offered dealt with the selling of home computers, repairs, and upgrades. Since then, services have been expanded to include design and installation of networks in schools and businesses, servicing existing network installations, and computer hardware and software sales. We provide consulting, design and implementation, and full support for your home or company’s computer systems and network infrastructure. Support contracts are available.
    Our home office is located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.    map

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